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Godman MSP is an international “Managed Service Provider” organization that independently connects Certifying Bodies, Consultancy and Training activities with customers worldwide.

What is a MSP?

Managed Services is the transfer of a few business processes, in this case everything that has to do with certifications, consultancy and training, to an external party with the aim of higher efficiency or lower costs.

For whom?

Godman MSP works for and with: Certifying Bodies, Consultants, Training Institutes and Schemes, Standards, Quality Marks, Footprints owners-and trustees but also with and for Businesses, Governmental Institutions-and Foundations.

How does it work?

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Mediated Audits








Godman MSP is a complete and efficient independent solution to streamline the audit, consultancy and academy process, manage it and ensure independence. It integrates the different steps – preparation, planning, execution, collection of observations, verification and completion – for a more efficient and effective process.

It also uses renewed audit methods such as Desk Audits, Virtual Audits, Audit combinations if there is an overlap, etc. And renewed consultancy and academy methods such as Virtual Consultancy and Virtual Training.

Due diligence: The Lead assessors, consultants and trainers of Godman MSP randomly check whether the audits, advisory activities and training courses carried out have been carried out in accordance with the agreements. This way we keep the quality high and everyone compliance.




• We are the point of contact for the required consultancy, certification and training within your organization. In addition, we manage all Suppliers of these professionals and Independent Professionals, including your current preferred suppliers.

• Godman MSP helps with the preparation of consultancy, certification and training profiles and subsequently recruits the right professionals. The choice for which professional is hired remains with the manager who hires the service.

• We monitor the performance of the hired professionals and, if required, produce reports.


• One contracting party, one central point of contact.

• Grip on external hiring and full transparency in the hiring chain.

• Efficiency through outsourcing of file creation, contract compliance and invoicing.

• A structural efficiency is guaranteed!


Easy! If you want to give an assignment, contact us!
If you, as a (sub) contractor, want to cooperate with us, we request that you contact us by email.

Types of Audits that Godman MSP mediates:

  • First party audits :

In this type of audit – also known as an internal audit or self-audit – both the audits and the audits belong to the same organization. For example, a manufacturer where headquarters may be concerned about the productivity of a factory elsewhere and may send an (internal) audit team to help identify areas for improvement. An ISO-certified supplier can also perform a first-party assessment to declare conformity with specific ISO standards.


  • Second party audits :

Second party audit: A second party audit refers to a customer conducting an audit with a supplier or contractor. For example, a medical device company that has contracted a laboratory to perform sterility testing may perform a second-party audit to ensure that the laboratory meets QSR requirements and to demonstrate to regulatory investigators that the contractor complies with this. The same company can check a parts supplier to ensure it meets ISO 9001 or ISO 13485 standards. It may also evaluate a potential raw material supplier through an audit, although some auditors may argue that such a process is more of a supplier’s audit than an audit.


  • Third party audits : Audits by third parties or by a certification body that is independent of the costumer-supplier relationship and free of conflicts of interest.

Intendend for certificatio and legal, regulatory and similar purposes.

Audit by third parties: neither customer nor supplier performs this type of audit. A regulatory authority or an independent body conducts an external audit for compliance, certification or registration. An example is an FDA investigator conducting a CGMP inspection at a pharmaceutical company. Another example is a College of American Pathologists (CAP) team that inspects a blood bank for accreditation. ISO conformity assessments are not conducted by ISO itself, but by third parties from the private sector or regulatory authorities in countries where ISO standards are legal.


  • Desk Audits : Is a non-physical audit. During a Desk audit, the content of the burden of proof is checked remotely. Whether these audit types are possible differs per audit / certification and what the schemes / standards prescribe and allow.


  • Virtual Audits : Is not a physical but a virtual audit. In this type of audit, an audit is performed virtually between the auditor and the audited party. The virtual audit is performed in a secure SSL and AES 256 bit encrypted environment. The burden of proof and documentation is also virtually shared in an SSL and AES 256 bit encrypted environment.


  • On Site Audits : Is a physical audit on location. During this audit, the audit is performed during a site visit.

Types of Consultancy that Godman MSP mediates:

  • Strategy Consultant
    The term Strategy Consultant is used to describe consultants who operate at the highest level of the consultancy market, with focus on strategic topics like corporate and organisational strategy, economic policy, government policy and functional strategy. For this reason, strategy consultants generally carry out work assigned by top managers, like CxOs, directors and senior managers. Seeing that the nature of strategy consulting differs from the other more implementation and operational driven areas, strategy consultants generally have a different profile than their peers. Their focus lies more on quantitative/analytics skills, and their job description revolves more around giving advice than overseeing implementation.


  • Management Consultant
    Management consultants, in practice also known as business consultants or organisational advisors, are consultants who focus on all sorts of organisational concerns from strategy to a variety of elements within management. Management Consulting is a collective term used for all services that fall under Strategy Consulting, Operations Consulting and HR Consulting. For that reason, management consultants form the vast majority in the advisory branch – more than half of all advisors can be defined as a management consultant.


  • Operations Consultant
    Operations consultants are consultants who help clients improve the performance of their operations. Consultancy activities in this segment vary from advisory services to hands-on implementation support, for both primary functions (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Production, etc.) as secondary functions (e.g. Finance, HR, ISO, Standards, Footprints, Supply Chain, ICT, Legal, etc.). Operations Consultants form the largest segment within the advisory branch, and the majority of consultants are active within one of the many underlying operating areas. Seeing as the operations is often associated with the strategy and technology side of a company, active operations consultants regularly work side by side with experts from these domains.


  • Financial Advisory Consultant
    Consultants who operate in the Financial Advisory segment generally work on questions that address financial capabilities, and, in many cases, also the analytical capabilities within an organisation. Subsequently, the profiles of consultants active in this segments can differ greatly, from M&A and corporate finance advisors to risk management, tax, restructuring or real estate consultant. Consultants specialised in forensic research and support disputes also fall under the Financial Advisory segment. The majority of financial consultants work for the large combined accounting and consulting firms, or else for niche advisory offices.


  • Human Resource Consultant
    HR consultants help clients with human capital questions within their organisations and / or with improving the performance of the HR department. Chief topics central to the job description of HR consultants are, among others, organisational changes, change management, terms of employment, learning & development, talent management and retirement. HR consultants are also brought in by organisations to help transform the business culture within their organisation, or transform their HR department, which includes changes in the area of organisational design, processes and systems, among others. HR consulting forms, together with strategy consulting, the two smallest segments of the consultancy industry, and the number of consultants active in this domain is, therefore, lower than those in other parts of the industry.


  • IT Consultant
    Technology consultants, also known as IT, ICT or digital consultants, focus on helping clients with the development and application of Information Technology (IT) within their organisation. IT consultants focus on transitions (projects) in the ICT-landscape, contrary to regular IT-employees, who work on day-to-day IT operations (so-called ‘business as usual’ activities). The majority of ICT-consultants work on implementation projects, for instance, extensive ERP systems applications, where their role may vary from project management to process management or system integration. Within IT consulting, the fastest growing markets are digital, data analytics (also known as data science), cyber security and IT forensics.

Types of Academy that Godman MSP mediates:

  • (ISO) Standards / Schemes / Footprints
  • Consultancy (Standards / Schemes / Footprints) Training
  • Auditor (Standards / Schemes / Footprints) Training
  • Procurement Training
  • Platform Training
  • Sustainability Training
  • Supply Chain / Suppliers Training

Godman MSP at a glance:

  • One contracting party, one central point of contact
  • Grip on external hiring and full transparency in the hiring chain
  • Efficiency through outsourcing of file creation, contract compliance and invoicing
  • A structural efficiency is guaranteed
  • We have a broad knowledge of the sectors in which we operate and our focus is on a long-term investment horizon
  • We have unique knowledge and worldwide experience of the sectors in which we invest and are active. We have a large network
  • We are open to new initiatives and combine sustainable thinking and common sense with a doers’ mentality



A small overview:

It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do.
That’s why we’re committed to helping more people.

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